Tom Allenby

Playing age: Teenage, 18-25, 25-35

Accent: American, Estuary, London, Midlands, Neutral, Northern, R.P.

Style: Bright, Bubbly, Characters, Clear, Conversational, Fresh, Friendly, Young

Categories: ADR, Ads, Animation, Audiobook, Corporate, Dubbing, ELT, Games, Narration

Language: English, Italian


  • Native Accent: Birmingham, RP
  • Home Studio
  • Training: Birmingham School of Acting

Young and cheerful, Tom has a natural bounce and boundless energy, with a Brummie accent that can be dialled up and down with micro-precision.

Making a name for himself in video games, Tom has worked for major players SIDE, OMUK and Molinare—who not only made use of his native English, but Italian too! Commercial and relatable, this is the voice of everybody’s childhood friend.

Outstanding Quality Voices
Office - 07366 142572
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