Frequently Asked Questions

I have been told that I have a great voice, can I be a voice over artist?

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. It takes real talent and dedication to become a professional voice-over artist.
Voicecall prides itself on representing talented and versatile voice artists who can be cast for a variety of projects, from reading classic literature to voicing goblins and elfs. Just having a 'great voice' isn't going to cut it!

Take the time to research the agency and tell us why you want to be represented by us. We are not interested in someone who just wants a voiceover agent, regardless of who that is.

3 is our magic number, you must submit a minimum of 3 professionally produced voiceover reels and must have at least 3 professional credits to your name.

How do I get on Voicecall's books?

Please see the Representation page for more information on our requirements for representation.

I've just graduated from drama school, will Voicecall represent me?

Please see the Representation page for more information on our requirements for representation.

I live out of London, can I be on your books?

We cannot represent artists based outside of the UK. Only those based in London, or those willing to commute to London.

I don't have a home studio, can I still apply for representation?

Absolutely, a home studio is not a requirement for representation

Where can I get a demo reel made?

There are many studios who can produce voicereels at various price points, but be sure you are going to the right studio for the types of reels you want - do your research.

I'm great at accents and character voices, can you use this?


Please bear in mind however that if you want to work in the animation, video game or audiobook world, we must receive the corresponding voice reels. Reels are the most important marketing tool for us, so applying with a only an ad reel when your passion is to narrate children's books is a huge waste of time.

Are there any fees involved in joining your agency?

No, we are not a database, however we do take commission for each job you're booked for.

Further questions?

We'd be happy to help.

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