Andrew McIntosh

Playing age: 25-35, 35-45

Accent: American, Liverpool, London, Northern, Scottish, Yorkshire

Style: Authoritative, Clear, Confident, Cool, Deep, Gravitas, Husky, Rich, Smokey, Versatile

Categories: ADR, Ads, Animation, Audiobook, Corporate, Dubbing, ELT, Games, Narration

Language: English


  • Native Accent: Glasgow, Yorkshire
  • Home Studio 
  • Training: Doncaster College & University of Strathclyde

Powerful and gritty, Andrew’s native Glaswegian lends itself to dynamic and masterful dialogue. With a delivery that reaches right to the heart of any project, you can rely on the natural gravitas of Andrew McIntosh.

But don’t let that fool you, for Andrew does not always take himself as seriously as he sounds: his power is underpinned by a mean sense of humour and superb comic timing. He is at ease doing stand-up as he is in a boxing ring!

Outstanding Quality Voices
Office - 07366 142572
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