Fran Burgoyne

Playing age: Kids, Teenage, 18-25, 25-35

Accent: American, Estuary, Irish, London, Manchester, Midlands, Neutral, Northern, R.P., Scottish, Welsh, West Country, Yorkshire

Style: Bright, Bubbly, Fresh, Friendly, Versatile, Young

Categories: ADR, Ads, Animation, Audiobook, Corporate, Dubbing, ELT, Games, Narration

Language: English


  • Native Accent: London
  • Training: East 15 Acting School

Confident and conversational, Fran’s versatility extends beyond her natural pitch, bringing to life all manner of characters with a truth and vibrancy. Her dexterity with pitch, tone and vocal quality make her a dynamic choice for video games and animation.

Fran has a particular skill in voicing children, no doubt informed by her regular work in children’s theatre, and has a commanding presence when just being herself — connecting with audiences effortlessly. Such a natural instinct makes her an easy choice for commercials and narrative projects. She was also Mandy Network's - Audiobook Winner 2020

Outstanding Quality Voices
Office - 07366 142572
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