Last Breath, narrated by Clare Corbett is an October Earphones Award Winner and Clare Corbett's 9th Earphone Award ?
"Narrator Clare Corbett flawlessly creates the accents and setting of Lenchester, England, while introducing Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker and her polar opposite, psychologist Georgina Cavendish...Corbett's best creation is pathologist Clare Dexter whose eccentricities add a bit of levity ."


Has the Lenchester Strangler returned?
When a murderer leaves a familiar pink scarf as his calling card, Detective Chief Inspector Whitney Walker is forced to dig into a cold case, not sure if she's looking for a killer or a copycat.
With a growing pile of bodies, and no clues, she turns to forensic psychologist Dr. Georgina Cavendish despite their relationship being at an all-time low.
Can they overcome the bad blood between them to solve the unsolvable?

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Real Fake, co-read by Jennifer Woodward and Robert Portal is a September Earphones Award Winner ?
"Dual narrators Jennifer Woodward and Robert Portal cleverly deliver a cheeky, delightful romance featuring a melodramatic author, Annie Shepard, and her uptight agent, Henry Higgins."


Annie Shepherd is the number one women's fiction writer in the world, creator of the blockbuster Trust Me series....
Annie Shepherd is represented by the biggest entertainment agency in the world.
Annie Shepherd has the perfect literary life.
But Annie Shepherd has a secret. A huge secret she's tried to hide her entire career, which is bought to the surface when her National Book Award-winning boyfriend (and Annie’s former professor) suddenly dies.
Now, Annie must rely on her own worst enemy for a solution...her literary agent. The posh, snooty and pretentious Henry Higgins, who has always been disdainful that Annie is his biggest client.
If Annie's secret is exposed, Henry Higgins will have to take the fall with her. Whilst reluctantly working together to try and protect both their careers and reputations, they learn of something much bigger which unites them...a little something Annie's been writing about her entire

Listen to the book here: Real Fake
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EE celebrates their position as the UK’s number 1 Network for 5G with a new ad featuring Kevin Bacon and our very own Sid Sagar as the voice of envious Doug!

‘Get EE or get network envy’.

We were featured in Backstage Magazine as one of the top 10 voiecover agencies every actor needs to know!

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