Cecily Bednar Schmidt

Playing age: Teenage, 18-25, 25-35

Accent: American, Estuary, R.P., Yorkshire

Style: Characters, Cool, Fresh, Rich, Versatile

Categories: ADR, Ads, Animation, Audiobook, Corporate, Dubbing, ELT, Games, Narration

Language: English


  • Native Accent: Californian
  • Home Studio¬†
  • Training: LAMDA

Cool and crisp, Cecily (they/them) carries an intimacy that immediately pricks the ears. Whether channeling the gentle smarts of a teen genius, or plumbing the depths of an impassioned warrior, Cecily's idiosyncrasies create immediately recognisable characters.

A dancer, a singer, a background in cognitive science (and even handy with sabre!) Cecily has the precision and poise of a true triple threat.

Outstanding Quality Voices
Office - 07366 142572
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