Joanna Lee

Playing age: Kids, Teenage, 18-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45-55, 55-65, 65+

Accent: Estuary, London

Style: Bubbly, Characters, Confident, Husky, Mature, Maternal, Natural, Rich, Smokey, Trustworthy, Versatile, Warm

Categories: ADR, Ads, Animation, Audiobook, Dubbing, Games, Narration

Language: English


Born in East London with a background in West End Musicals, Joanna has the experience and versatility most actors can only dream of! Her natural rich, warm & husky tones bring a special energy to every project, with an incredible range & ability to bring any character to life; from ages 4 to 80.

Outstanding Quality Voices
Office - 07366 142572
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